Redi Shade launched their innovative, new temporary paper blinds in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. Unveiling at the BMAA SuperExpo trade exhibition on the Gold Coast.

Redi Shade blinds are specifically designed to cater to the needs of people who are waiting for their custom blinds, shutters or curtains to arrive. Redi Shade provide a seamless and elegant solution during the period of time while; waiting for custom window furnishings, deciding on window furnishings or saving for custom window furnishings.

In this blog, Ez Blinds explores the features and benefits of our new Redi Shade temporary paper blinds, focusing on the benefits of an instant solution


The Need for an Interim Solution

Redi Shade Australia has introduced a range of paper blinds bringing immense benefits to consumers across Australia and New Zealand. 

The problem with most custom blinds, curtains and shutters are the time waiting for custom window coverings to arrive, from ordering. This can be a frustrating experience for people who have just moved into a new home or are renovating their existing home. Traditionally, most household have had to endure the lack of privacy, excessive light entry, and unwanted heat that comes with having no window furnishings. 

Over the last couple of years custom window furnishings has seen, unforeseen issues, with material delays and manufacturing hold ups, that have at times left people without blinds for an extended period. This being an inconvenience should you be living or sleeping without window coverings.. 

Recognising this problem, Redi Shade Australia has developed a range of temporary paper blinds to bridge the gap and provide a cost effective solution while you wait for your window covering or wait to save money for your desired window coverings. 

Benefits of Temporary Paper Blinds

Temporary paper blinds offer a range of benefits.These include; cost-effective solution while you wait for window coverings, Blocks the harsh affects of uv on your furniture, Allows your room to be darkened to sleep.

Some of the key features include easy installation and removal, easy to adjust heights, with many design options, these blinds offer convenience and flexibility. They allow you to regain privacy, control light and heat entry, and create a comfortable living environment at a competitive price.

Privacy and Light Control 

Redi Shades temporary paper blinds allows privacy and controls light entry. Whether it’s blocking out your neighbours or reducing the suns glare on  your tv or computer screens, these blinds will offer a practical solution. 

The white light-filtering design gently diffuses natural light, creating a warm feel to your rooms, while the black blockout design provides maximum light control, making them ideal for nightshift workers who need to sleep during the day, or baby's rooms.

Heat Reduction

Redi Shade temporary paper shades  can help regulate the entry of heat into most rooms. During the waiting period you may face uncomfortable temperatures due to direct sunlight. Redi Shade blinds can act as a temporary barrier, reducing heat transfer and maintaining a more comfortable indoor environment.

Easy Installation and Removal

Redi Shade Temporary paper blinds are incredibly easy to install. Simply trim to size using any utility knife, peel the shade liner and stick the blinds directly to the window frame, window glass or even the wall above the frame. 


Set Your Own Height 

Redi Shades temporary solution offers the flexibility to adjust to your preferred height. 

Redi Shades customisation feature adds to the versatility of the Temporary blinds, catering to a wide range of window sizes and shapes, including normal and arched windows.

Versatile Design Options

Redi Shades window covering are available in two main designs, which are; Original Paper Shades and Original Arch Shades

The Original Paper Shades provide a clean and modern look, suitable for any room. The Original Arch Shades are designed to fit perfectly into arched windows, and look very sleek in design.

Redi Shade Original Paper Shades are available in white light-filtering and black blockout options. This allows you to style for what best suits your needs. The arch shades are supplied in white for both the light filter and light blocking.


With Redi Shades Australia launch of  their new temporary blinds, this marks a  breakthrough in the window covering industry, within Australia and New Zealand. Designed specifically too cater to the needs of Households Australia wide waiting for custom window coverings, these blinds provide a temporary, disposable solution that enhances privacy, light control, and heat reduction. 

Redi Shade blinds are set to become an indispensable product  across Australia households.

EZ Blinds proudly supplies Redi Shade Australia Temporary blinds, Australia wide; including all major cities;Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin,Launceston, Canberra and Darwin and most regional area's.

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